Kareena says no to Gurinder Chadha, again

Kareena Kapoor has her roots firmly sunk in India and Bollywood. International fame is not for her. No, thank you. At least not if it’s Gurinder Chadha who wants to launch her in the west.
“Three years ago Gurinder wanted Kareena to act in Bride & Prejudice. Kareena naturally thought it was the lead role. She was shocked when she realised the director wanted her to play Aishwarya's youngest sister,” says a source. “She had turned down the author-backed central role in Deepa Mehta's Water. And here she was being offered the fourth lead. She vowed never to work with Gurinder again.”
So when Gurinder offered Kareena her new film, she immediately said no.
"Who offers a role is not important. What is being offered is important,” says Kareena. “I'm really not that enthused by the idea of going international unless it's something really big. I don't even know if Gurinder's offer was with Johnny Depp. I was just not interested." Ok Bebo, we believe you. Not!


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