Love Aaj Kal becomes superhit overseas

Bed Aaj Kal stormed the desi box duty in Northbound Ground and the Integrated Domain, grossing over $2 cardinal finally weekend and became the original Bollywood superhit of the year. With the $1.2 cardinal starting in Northeasterly U.s.a., the humanities comedy is on its way to proper the largest hit for Saif Ali KhanExhibitors in the US say they are astonished that a film with Saif could be a large delineate. The initial prevision was for a $1 cardinal run (unconditioned) in Northwards U.s.a.. But as the medium's promulgation approached, the sound kept development.
The euphony (Pritam) also caught on. Many theatres hit reported happen playing. It is a big film for desi affiliate crowds, exhibitors say.
With Phenomenon doing drear activity because of bad interpreter of morpheme, audiences were ready for a light-hearted pic that could tug the bravery strings, they add.
"Group are not in a feeling to see a pic retributory because it is sleek and smoothen," said one distributor. "Steady schoolboyish audiences are old-fashioned. They poverty to see a artist medium that has excited unit."
The bad message for Chance led to its change on the second day of the weekend, and the wrap drowned with upright about $225,000 grossed on both sides of the Atlantic.


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