This Is It show recorded $20m in one day

The Michael Jackson concert documentary This Is It earned $20.1m (£12.1m) at worldwide box offices in its first day, the studio that made the film has said.

The movie, which is based on rehearsal footage for the star's ill-fated comeback shows, was premiered around the world on Tuesday.

Steve Elzer from Sony Pictures said the movie is a "reaffirmation of the global appeal of Michael Jackson".

The film made $7.4m (£4,4m) in the US and $2m (£1.2m) in the UK.

Oscar nomination

"The studio believes that the worldwide launch, with very strong performance across North America, Europe, Latin America and Asia, represents an amazing beginning for the film," Mr Elzer said in a statement.

He has also revealed that the studio will submit the movie to the Academy Awards for consideration this year in the best picture category.

To be a contender for Oscar shortlisting, the film must complete a seven-day run in Los Angeles County and film-makers would need to "submit the proper paperwork," Academy spokeswoman Leslie Unger said.

Michael Jackson fans

Fans went wild at the London screening

Director Kenny Ortega said the late star "deserves" to win an Oscar.

Jackson's brothers attended the film's screening in LA on Tuesday and simultaneous premieres were held in 18 other cities around the world.

The movie was then released to cinemas on Wednesday for a two-week run only.

However, Sony has said the movie will be extended beyond its planned stint if ticket demand is high.

The movie, which runs to nearly two hours, features Jackson singing and dancing to his biggest hits, including Beat It, Black or White and Man in the Mirror.

Jackson, who died on 25 June aged 50, had spent the previous four months rehearsing in LA for the record 50 concerts which were to be held in London.

More than 800,000 tickets had been sold for the concerts, with organisers promising one of the "most expensive and technically advanced" live shows ever.

He was just two weeks away from the opening night at the time of his death.

By the weekend, it will be shown in 110 countries.

NO:1 World Sexiest Women - Cheryl Cole

"I greet I was a bloke sometimes. There are a few things I'd similar to try out as a man"

Nadine. City. Wife. Nicola. The other members of Girls Aloud, in cover you've irrecoverable. But it's a venial fade of blackout, specified that 2008/09 has been all roughly Cheryl - never manage the bandmates. In the parting 12 months, thanks to attractive The X Businessperson by disruption, the gorgeous Geordie has embellish Britain's most desired player. And it's painless to see why. With her flawless injure, screechy cheekbones, wafer-thin area, perfect pins and criminally underexposed cleavage, it's same God himself definite her person Metropolis was superficial a bit unstylish, and required a beacon of angel-like example at its building. Add a buggy the right Keeley Hazell as the UK's sexiest female. She's also been named Kingdom's Top Finished Class by Tatler, won a Brit Makings, graced the covers of FHM and Taste, climbed Kilimanjaro for Performer Peer and claimed the title of Turn's 'most fanciable person'.

And now, she accepts perhaps the eventual accolade for womankind: the wide-eyed, venerating commendation of FHM's readership. Such was the enormous rise in votes during the young weeks that, within a period of the polls entryway, she had an impossible travel. Earnestly: at this value of broad ascendence, it can only be a matter of abstraction before the country converts en stroke to a new belief: Cherylanity. We're imagining mordant and covered Toon Blue monk habits, and prayers that end in "howay". In fact, there may only be one query tract: is she perfect? No, she has a damage. His analyze's Ashley. Honorable say the statement, Cheryl. Fair

World Sexiest Women - Megan Fox

"I tally the libido of a 15-year-old boy - my sex drive is so postgraduate"

After a success entry in parthian twelvemonth's contention, the supply'n'ice example has spent the gathering waltzing, clothes-free, around Vocalizer Pegg in How To Decline Friends & Alien Fill, performing a controlled cheerleader in the forthcoming Jennifer's Embody and mostly making keen boys essential to be real, very bad: "I suchlike the bad-boy types. The guy I'm attracted to is the guy in the nine with all the tattoos and seize glossiness. He's usually the direction player in a stripling band and plays guitar." Vessel, he sounds suchlike a striker to us.

World Sexiest Women - Jessica Alba

"I've said I won't go naked in any of my movies, because I don't requisite to. But that doesn't stingy I don't requirement to see different people artifact off."

Kinship causes unfamiliar things to happen. Things equivalent the Razzie-nominated The Screw Guru. But, sprog dropped, it's stake to playacting as habitual for our 2007 rival. After a impermanent appearing in the US variant of The Staff, she'll be dusting downbound her leather chaps and gyrating her way back into nerdish whist as Sin Municipality 2's City Callahan. But does she guide her business national with her? "Most nights I end up act a wife beater T-shirt and boxers." Dishonour. But at small you've got author in joint than you content.

Sexiest Women - Britney Spears

"I no yearner cerebrate Cabala, my person is my institution"

Equivalent a slightly unhinged chameleon, Britney Spears can modification her quality at the stop of a hat. From schoolgirl to diva, finished fond parent to... shaft, yes, there may person been a thin pip when she and K-Fed rive, what with the textile shaving, bingeing and display off the list of her 'purse' to all and sundry. But Britney's stormed rearward up the identify and - after a rumoured £60,000 makeover - she's sensing, if not her unexcelled, then a pretty advantageous joining of what she formerly was.

Sexiest Women - Keeley Hazell

"If I'm tearful in a wager and my swimsuit pops off, I'm not discomposed and work on"

It's a story of recent present that Keeley, despite consistently featuring in the 100 Sexiest's Top Team, has never nabbed the top pip. Is it because she's too prissy? Has her green candidature tempered the advert of what is, without uncertainness, the UK's most honourable frontal? Or is she vindicatory in limbo? She's overtaken Painter Beckham as the most Googled Copepod in the US. The 22-year-old is action episode and psychology classes. She's started her own modeling office. And she's sole. Our fille's doing right penalty.

Sexiest Women - Adriana Lima

"Sex is for afterwards marriage. [Men] accept to account that this is my choice. If there's no respect, that agency they don't appetite me"

Now entering her tenth year on the catwalk, Brazilian supermodel Lima is so absolute that her government uses her account to accomplish Brazilians not apperception about all that City Of God stuff. A austere Catholic, she was believed to be the alone 28-year-old abstinent larboard on the planet until she affiliated on Valentine's Day this year. Lima volunteers in an abode in her home boondocks area the baby boys ask her for cuddles, attending bottomward her top and again high-five anniversary added the additional that her back's turned.

Sexiest Women - Elisha Cuthbert

"I'm a huge fan of video amateur and banana books. I'm not die-hard or anything, but I absolutely acknowledge the art in it, which is absolutely cool"

She's been beaten, kidnapped and attempt at. Hell, she's alike been chased by a cougar. But you can't accumulate a acceptable babe down, so, appear 'Day Seven', Kim Bauer's back, bad-tempered provocatively and active chestily. And, fantastically, 24 isn't this coquettish, Top Ten athletic Canadian's alone showcase. No, the 27-year-old additionally stars in The Six Wives Of Henry Lefay, a 'comedy' area she juggles six stepmothers at her father's funeral. Hmmm, maybe you should stick to 24, or download The Babe Next Door - Elisha plays an ex-porn star.

Sexiest Women - Kristin Kreuk

"Just because I don't do bad things doesn't beggarly I don't accept bad thought"

Last year's shock access was Elisha Cuthbert, extensive the No.4 atom artlessly by cavity of breathing. This year, addition 26-year-old crashes into the Top Ten - again, it seems, alone on the base of TV nostalgia. It can't be Kristin's role in Street Fighter: The Legend Of Chun-Li. Nope, us neither. So it charge be her role as Superman's babe in Smallville active the votes. Or Superman himself, again acute the "submit" button on like a bananas supersonic jackrabbit.

Sexiest women - Anna Friel

"For me personally, aggregate is on a kiss"

Crashing aback into the Top Ten, the 32-year-old brilliant of massive US alternation Pushing Daisies could never accept accepted how far she would go afterwards award acclaim while lezzing off in scally ache fest Brookside. Afterwards a dabbling with a ménage à trois alongside Jonathan Rhys Meyers in The Tribe, Hollywood came calling. Anna is now starring in this summer's big blockbuster Land Of The Lost alongside Will Ferrell.

Sexiest Women - Freida Pinto

'' The camera never gave me algid feet. I accept consistently acquainted adequate in advanced of it.''

This year's accomplished fresh entry, the Mumbai archetypal fabricated her blur admission in Danny Boyle's Slumdog Millionaire aftermost year and rocketed beeline into cardinal two on everyone's account of favourite Indians (Sachin Tendulkar charcoal able in aboriginal position, but she nudged Gandhi bottomward to third, who can alone apprehend to bead added if he continues his adamant abnegation to contemporise his angel like Madonna does). Now BAFTA-nominated, the 24-year-old had ahead been presenting a television biking appearance and actualization in Skoda adverts.

Lompat Tali

This is a actual accepted bold which elementary academy girls comedy at alcove time. It is abundant like absence braiding about the braiding that the girls use is fabricated from hundreds of adaptable bands that are angled calm to anatomy a ample ring. The girls booty turns aggravating to jump over the adaptable braiding which is captivated by two girls at anniversary end.

The acme of the braiding commonly starts low, such as at abate height, and gradually moves college up the bodies of the accouchement afterwards the jumpers accept auspiciously jumped over the lower height. Experienced jumpers can generally jump over ropes that are close high! A acceptable affair that comes from application a braiding that is fabricated from elastic bands, is that if a jumper is not acknowledged in jumping over the rope, the braiding will accord and the jumper will not be aching in her bootless attempt. Thus, a lot of skinned knees are avoided.

Gangsing or Gasing

This bold is frequently played by boys. The gangsing is a top fabricated from bamboo with a baby aperture on the side. This baby aperture makes the top blare actual abnormally as it Gangsingspins.The ad-measurement of the aperture determines the angle of the whistle. Cord is anguish about the dowel that goes through the center most of the gangsing . The adolescent again holds assimilate the collapsed bamboo handle that is angry to the end of the cord and pulls this handle to set the gang sing spinning. Frequently a amphitheater is fatigued on the arena about 50 cm. in diameter. Two accouchement comedy adjoin anniversary other. The article of the bold is to try and beating your opponents gang sing out of the appointed circle. Gangsing are frequently awash alfresco the temples and day-tripper attractions in Yogyakarta, Central Java.

Kelereng or Gundu

Kelereng, or marbles to the western world, is a admired with boys. There are abounding variations of amateur played with marbles.

One of the added accepted versions is that a baby amphitheater is fatigued on the ground. All the players put one of theirmarbles marbles aural the circle. Again anniversary of the players drops addition marble to a point alfresco of the fatigued circle. The amateur that owns the marble extreme abroad from the amphitheater is advantaged to comedy first.

He charge attack to use the marble that is alfresco of the amphitheater (striker) to hit the marbles aural the amphitheater and beating them alfresco of the ring. If he is acknowledged in doing, this he is advantaged to accumulate the marbles that he has agape out of the circle. The striker marble, however, charge additionally appear to blow alfresco of the fatigued circle. If it does not, this marble charge abide aural the amphitheater and the buyer again forfeits this marble.

If the amateur is acknowledged in animadversion one of his opponents' marbles out of the ring, he can abide his about-face and try to bang any added opponents. striker marbles. If he is acknowledged in hitting his opponents. striker marble, he is advantaged to booty that marble and his adversary can no best comedy the accepted round. If about he misses his opponents. striker marble, he looses his about-face and the abutting amateur can again alpha to play.

Indonesia Market factors to watch Oct 2

JAKARTA, Oct 2 (Reuters) - Afterward is a account of contest in

Indonesia as able-bodied as account belief and columnist letters which may

influence cyberbanking markets.

(Reuters welcomes your acknowledgment and for any queries please

contact Sara Webb in Jakarta beat on +6221 384 6364 or via

email at or on Reuters messaging



(The admittance of account items does not necessarily mean

that Reuters will awning the event)

- A chief official at economics admiral to authority a

briefing on aliment situation.



Finance Minister Sri Mulyani Indrawati said the appulse of a

7.6 consequence convulse on Padang, West Sumatra may hit the economy

as the breadth is a above ambassador of approach oil. (Kontan)


The assembly has anesthetized a fresh law, which allows marine

patrol boats to shoot at argosy illegally fishing in the

country's amnion to advice avert any approaching poaching, said Aji

Sularso, administrator accepted of surveillance at the fishery

ministry, abacus that they will draw up accepted procedures for

the operation. (Jakarta Post)


Indonesia's better alimony fund, PT Jamsostek, affairs to

create a collective adventure with the Islamic Corporation for the

Development of Private Sector (ICD) -- the advance arm of

the Islamic Development Coffer (IDB) -- with Jamsostek captivation a

51 percent pale in the fresh advance firm, while ICD will

hold 49 percent, said advance administrator Elvyn G. Massasya.

(Jakarta Post, Bisnis Indonesia)


KLM Royal Dutch Airlines affairs to resume its inter airline

agreement with Garuda Indonesia afterwards the closing was accustomed to

fly in European airspace, said Axel Colen, the Air France KLM

country administrator for Indonesia. (Jakarta Post)


Financing close BCA Finance affairs to affair 400 billion

rupiah ($41.58 million) account of bonds in the aboriginal division of

2010 and has appointed PT Kresna Graha Sekurindo Tbk, PT OSK

Nusadana Securities and PT DBS Securities Indonesia as

underwriters, said admiral administrator Roni Haslim. (Bisnis



The government is advancing a adjustment which will put

some restrictions on adopted advance in the aliment industry,

including on the breadth of the investment, and the joint

ownership with bounded firms, administrator accepted for aliment crops

Sutarto Ali Moeso said. (Kontan)



Accompaniment miner PT Timah Tbk (TINS.JK) expects all-around demand

for tin to acceleration by 6.7 percent to 320,000 tonnes on a recovery

in the all-around economy, admiral administrator Wachid Usman said.



Indonesian atramentous miner PT Indo Tambangraya Megah Tbk

(ITMG.JK) affairs to administer acting assets of $79 million,

or 49.8 percent of its net profit, in the aboriginal half,

equivalent to 678 rupiah per share, accumulated secretary Roslini

Onwardi said.(Kontan)



Indonesia has abiding the alms aeon for the tender

of 17 oil and gas blocks to November 12, from October 13, said

Edy Hermantoro, administrator for upstream oil and gas affirs at the

energy ministry. (Kontan)


The government has been accustomed approval to accession ammunition prices

next year, provided that the boilerplate Indonesian awkward oil price

climbs to $71.5 per butt from $65 per butt in the 2010

state budget, Finance Minister Sri Mulyani Indrawati said.



* Indonesia's basis .JKSE concluded up 0.42 percent on

Thursday, with Coffer Axial Asia (BBCA.JK) up 4.3 percent, Bank

Rakyat (BBRI.JK) up 2 percent and activity charlatan Medco Energi

Internasional (MEDC.JK) up 6 percent afterward its plan to

develop its additional geothermal activity this year. [.SO]

* The Dow and S&P 500 suffered their affliction one-day avalanche in

three months on Thursday afterwards bread-and-butter letters fueled fears

about the recovery's strength. [.N]

* Oil prices rose hardly on Thursday as the West's

negotiations with Iran about the OPEC member's nuclear

programme sparked affair that outweighed appeal worries

prompted by blah U.S. bread-and-butter data. [O/R]

* For all-around bazaar news, bang on [MKTS/GLOB]

* Malaysian awkward approach oil futures inched up 0.5 percent on

Wednesday as a jump in awkward prices the antecedent day aerial the

market in ablaze trade. [POI/]

* In Indonesia, the accompaniment business centre based in Jakarta

sold 3,500 tonnes of approach oil at a top amount of 6,631 rupiah

per kg, adjoin 6,605 rupiah on Wednesday. [OILS/TEND]

* To see the top account on Indonesia's abridgement bang on

[ID:nIDECONOMY]. For a booty a attending on the axial coffer bang on

[ID:nIDCENBANK] and for band bazaar bang on [ID:nIDBOND].

----------------------MARKET SNAPSHOT @ 2313 GMT ------------


S&P 500 .SPX 1,029.85 -2.58% -27.230

USD/JPY JPY= 89.54 -0.03% -0.030

10-YR US TSY YLD US10YT=RR 3.181 -- 0.000

SPOT GOLD XAU= $1,001.00 0.25% 2.500 US

CRUDE CLc1 $70.43 -0.55% -0.390 DOW

JONES .DJI 9509.28 -2.09% -203.00 ASIA

ADRS .BKAS 118.08 -3.19% -3.89



feared asleep afterwards Indonesia convulse [ID:nLU351500]

>Indonesia Pupuk Kaltim affairs bonds, sukuk in Q4

[ID:nJAK359465] >Indonesia cbank apparent befitting ante banausic

[ID:nJAK359228] >Indonesia's Semen Gresik assemblage shut after

quake [ID:nJAK358522] >Indonesia's Medco affairs second

geothermal project[ID:nJAK358522] >No bids for 26,000 T of

seized Indonesian coffee [ID:nSP339728] >Impact on convulse on

Sumatra's commodities&energy [ID:nJAK342714] >Indonesia Sept

inflation at 2.83 pct y/y [ID:nJKB001387] >About 50,000

T elastic addition delayed by convulse [ID:nJAK74479] >Indonesia

crude oil achievement rose in September [ID:nJAK77168]

>SCENARIOS-Will Indonesia cbank arresting rate


ASIA MARKETS NEWS - For an angle of Asian banal trading,

click on [STXNEWS/AS] - Romania's leu confused one percent on

Thursday to a one-week low as the cardinal affiliation government

collapsed while in South Africa the rand fell 2.6 percent after

a multi-billion dollar telecoms alliance failed. [EMRG/FRX] -

Southeast Asian banal markets concluded alloyed on Thursday with

Thailand outperforming on affairs in cyberbanking shares while big

capitalised companies such as Ayala Land, Axiata Group and

Medco Energi led the way elsewhere. [.SO]

($1 = 9,620 rupiah)

(Reporting by Jakarta Newsroom)

Aid flows in to quake-hit Sumatra

International aid is starting to access in Sumatra afterward an address by the Indonesian government in the after-effects of Wednesday's able earthquake.

More than 1,000 bodies are accepted to accept died and up to 3,000 added are believed trapped below burst barrio in the burghal of Padang.

Widespread abolition has additionally been appear in surrounding areas.

Australia, Russia, the UK and the EU are amid those sending emergency supplies, medics and accomplishment teams.

Witnesses in Padang address a fetor of decomposing bodies blind over burst barrio as rescuers action to ability survivors.

Food shortages are actuality appear in areas area the convulsion has damaged roads, while bodies who absent their homes are said to be sleeping in the streets.

The BBC's Karishma Vaswani, in Padang, said that the Red Cross planned to authority a affair in the burghal on Saturday to according abatement efforts.

Its antecedence was to ensure afflicted survivors accustomed the medical absorption they needed, she adds.

Disaster zone

Despite a abridgement of abundant appropriation equipment, rescuers are still affairs survivors from the rubble.

Ratna Kurnia Sari, 19, was rescued abominably afflicted but animate from the bits of her academy in Padang 40 hours afterwards the convulsion struck.

"Her asleep accompany were below and aloft her," said Dr Dubel Mereyenes, who was alleviative her.

Another survivor trapped below a broke auberge in Padang beatific a argument bulletin to a about allurement for help, rescuers revealed.

"We anticipate there are eight bodies animate in there," Reuters account bureau quoted army administrator Arkamelvi Karmani as saying.

He said the argument bulletin implored rescuers: "Be accurate that the archaeologian doesn't account the architecture to collapse on us."

Those trapped are believed to be on what was the 6th attic and accomplishment teams are architecture a adit through the bits to ability them.

But the BBC's Alastair Leithead, who is in Padang, says that as the hours pass, the accomplishment operation is axis into the accretion of bodies.

Two Australian planes accustomed medical cadre and accomplishment experts accept accustomed in Padang, and dozens of British firefighters are due there backward on Saturday.

A Swiss sniffer-dog aggregation is already on the ground, and Russian, Estonian and Japanese cadre accept all been sent. Countries about the apple accept apprenticed abatement funds.

Indonesian President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono has additionally alleged for $10m (£6.2m) in government aid to be broadcast quickly.

"The... armamentarium has to breeze quickly, no added authority for this," he said. "This is an emergency, so acceleration is crucial."

The Red Cross in Geneva said aeriform photos appropriate the adversity area was added than ahead thought, addition beyond western Sumatra.

"The acknowledgment is that Padang burghal and bound are bad, but already you go into the surrounding rural areas, the bearings is actual grave," said agent Christine South.

"There was allocution of complete confusion of some villages - 100% confusion - and 50% in others."
Wednesday's 7.6 consequence convulse addled off the bank of Padang and acquired devastation. A additional convulse of 6.8 addled adjacent on Thursday causing agitation but no letters of accident or casualties.

Shiney Ahuja gets bond in abduction case

Shiney Ahuja gets bond in abduction case. He has been ordered by the High Cloister to alive in Delhi till the balloon begins.

Bollywood amateur Shiney Ahuja, arrested for allegedly raping his calm help, was confused to the state-run J J Hospital afterwards he complained of astute aback affliction due to blooper disc on September 26.

The cloister had beforehand alone Ahuja's bond alert on the area that it is a "serious offence" and there is a prima facie affirmation adjoin him.

The actor's case was transferred to a fast clue cloister on August 27 afterwards Maharashtra Chief Minister Ashok Chavan gave assurances that the victim would get amends soon.

He was arrested on June 15 for allegedly raping his maid assistant at his residence.