"Thala" ajith is my Godfather

Jai is at it again. The adolescent amateur has common that Ajith Kumar is his Godfather. "He consistently encourages me and supports me a lot," he said in an account to a Tamil weekly.
"I owe a lot to Ajith. I can alarm him whenever I like. He is consistently there to abutment me. His words energies and actuate me to a abundant extent. In short, he is my role model," he said.
The amateur is beholden to Silambarasan too. "Silambarasan is addition Ajith in auspicious me. He doesn't backpack the ego that he is my chief in the industry. I would agilely apprehend to his buzz alarm afterwards the absolution of my films."
Heaping praises on Vijay, Jai said, "He is the advocate of my aboriginal blur ('Bhagavathi'). I would like to act with him already again. When I bidding this absorption of abundance to him, Vijay has responded positively."

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