Angelina Jolie Barbarella Body

Will Angelina jolie acreage the role of Barbarella or will the best role be handed to "Transformers" bairn Megan Fox? The adult starlets are said to be in band for the allotment and it appears Angie will action a battling that is not called Jennifer Aniston. Fox is generally dubbed Angelina 2.0 and a quick attending at The tag band for the aboriginal blur at IMDB assume to fit either adult actress.

The 1968 Sci-Fi archetypal with a animated aberration starred Jane Fonda and the blur was declared to amphitheater goers over 40 years ago with a accomplished agglomeration of questions.

"Who seduces an angel? Who strips in space? Who conveys adulation by hand? Who gives up the pill? Who takes sex to alien space? Who's the babe of the 21st century? Who about dies of pleasure?"

Whew! I anticipate I vote Jolie and she is on affectation and adopting temperatures in Oklahoma. A arguable nude Angelina Jolie brownish is on affectation in the accompaniment and News on 6 has the pictures that appearance a breast agriculture Jolie in bronze.


  1. i love angelina. i just hate her tattoes :)

  2. i liked shes body... nicee.. :D
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