Anushka in "Panchakshari"

Don’t get too abundant afraid with the headline. This is beginning account from one of the media antecedent that Anushka’s ‘Panchakshari’ which is absolution today will accept Mohan Babu in it. It is important to acknowledgment that, Mohan Babu will not be arena any of the adornment role in the cine but will accord Articulation Over to ‘Panchakshari.’

As Mohan Babu is acclaimed for his articulation and chat delivery, Anushka and aggregation achievement that his VO will advice for advancement of cine affection and a feel of bloom for audience. Already we accept apparent Junior NTR alms his VO to Rama Rama Krishna Krishna and Chiranjeevi alms it to Varudu and accidentally both angry disasters of the season. Let us see, how will this end up.


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