Salman unique action avatar in "Ready"

Folks, if you anticipation that the B-town beef man Salman Khan was at his best in the activity scenes in ‘Dabangg’ and ‘Wanted’ again authority on, the blowing Khan is all set to accident his own ballyhoo annal as the apple beater in stunts with his accessible ‘Ready’.

The makers accept roped in acclaimed Thai Activity Administrator Mr. Seelum Pradit aka Nung who has becoming acclaim internationally acknowledgment to his assignment in 'Mountain Tiger', 'Treasure Island', 'Rescue Dawn', 'The Magnificient Five' and 'Marine 2' to assignment on the blur starring superstar Salman Khan.

Along with Indian activity administrator Mahendra Verma the Thai Activity Team spearheaded by Seelum Pradit are alive appear accomplishing all-embracing levels of activity sequences.

So all Salman admirers are in for a aristocratic amusement as the all-embracing activity administrator Nung is accepted for his ability in rigging, aerial furnishings and High End stunts.

Salman will be apparent in a different activity avatar on par all-embracing standards and causeless to add that we all are ‘ready’ to watch the ‘Dabangg’ Khan in action.


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