Kareena with Saif in Kurban

The Kurban brace Saif Ali Khan and Kareena Kapoor were in the basic on Saturday to advance their accessible film. The duo batten to CNN-IBN about how the brace reacts to altercation and abundant more.

While Saif did best of the talking Kareena adopted to affectation for the photographers.

It's a abstruseness and a adulation story," Saif said about Kurban and added, "It is a austere movie."

According to Saif censorship is accomplished and he has no problems with it.

Saif took a moment off to allege about the acclaimed Indian cricketer Sachin Tendulkar and his chase twenty years of arena for India.

"I bethink Sachin as a lad...Happy Birthday, what do I say?" Saif commented.

As per bottomless reports, the Shiv Sena beatific Kareena a sari afterwards seeing her adventurous bareback Kurban poster. But all she said to that was, "I achievement I like the blush of the sari."


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