Angelina jolie angry on obama

Well, if it is in US Weekly, it charge be true: Angelina Jolie charge abhorrence Barack Obama.

“She hates him,” a antecedent abutting to Jolie told the Jann Wenner-owned weekly.

Wenner is a appealing advanced guy — Rolling Stone annual is the foundation of his publishing authority — and maybe there has been a falling out amid Obama and Wenner. I cannot brainstorm him acceptance cold journalism into his magazines, abnormally aback it comes to civic politics. Or maybe Wenner had a falling out with Jolie and wants to pay her back. Or maybe…

“She’s into apprenticeship and rehabilitation and thinks Obama is all about abundance and handouts. She thinks Obama is absolutely a left-wing in disguise,” the annual quoted the source.

Maybe the antecedent is wrong.

Hubby Brad Pitt is a big Obamaniac.

Oddly enough, Jolie’s actual conflicting father, Jon Voight, is additionally no fan of Obama.

Celebrities accept as abundant appropriate as anyone to accessible their yaps about politics. The ones who accede with me are geniuses, the ones who cartel disagree with me are idiots. It is that simple.


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