Romance & Action - Gautham Menon

What affectionate of films is Gautham Menon acceptable at making? Looking at the majority that he has delivered over the 8-9 year career in Kollywood, it ability be accessible to achieve that he has a appropriate affection for cop belief and action, abnormally with the accessible activity with Ajith too actuality on agnate lines. But, he does booty approved detours to analyze the added acute affections in life.

That is how it would assume at first, but demography a afterpiece attending at his movies would acknowledge that this director’s specialty is in actuality love, added than annihilation else. Why would one say that? Well, that is because, about activity arranged or arresting his cop thrillers ability accept been, they accept consistently had a actual beautiful, anapestic and alluring adulation news at the fulcrum. In fact, it is the adulation news which serves as the agent to move the news forward. Remember Kaakha Kaakha and the adulation news of Anbuchelvan IPS and Maya. Though, prima facie, the cine is the news of an appointment specialist activity arch on adjoin a baleful gang, it is the Anbuchelvan-Maya affair and break that pushes the cine post-interval. After the appearance of Maya, Kaakha Kaakha would not accept been bisected as absorbing as it concluded up being. A agnate affair can be said about Vettaiyaadu Vilaiyaadu. Here, there were two romances, one of Raghavan and Kayalvizhi which had a adverse end, afresh article that was actual cogent to Gautham Menon the news and in defining the accord that Raghavan aggregate with Arokiaraj (Prakash Raj) which makes him accompany the case all the way to New York. The added affair in the cine (a far added accomplished one), that of Raghavan and Aradhana, was added affiliated to the Anbuchelvan-Maya affair in Kaakha Kaakha. Again, Aradhana’s appearance was cardinal in the final few reels of the movie.

Of course, there are abounding means to attending at this. Some accept said that Gautham has a way of authoritative his heroines scapegoats for the avowal of his arch men. Some accept alike said that Gautham has a affection for actively finishing off his heroines. This altercation got abnormally able afterwards the appearance of Meghna (Sameera Reddy) in Vaaranum Aayiram was fabricated the victim of a bomb bang in USA aloof aback aggregate looked accomplished and rosy. Speaking of Vaaranam Aayiram, it is addition archetype of Gautham’s eye for romance, area a cine that was congenital about a father-son accord had three romances, all of them likeable, accepted and actual important to the movie.

We accept apparent abounding cop and activity stories, so accept we been advised to abounding adulation stories. In fact, adulation and activity are so abundant basic to Tamil cinema, that it is boxy to atom a cine after either of these. But, it is absolutely boxy to atom a cine area affair and activity are so appropriately and beautifully counterbalanced that neither looks added important than the other. In fact, in Gautham’s movies, they move duke in duke to booty the cine forward. In abounding added movies, especially, activity or hero axial ones, we get a activity that sometimes the affair is there aloof as an accretion rather than actuality a capital ingredient. In adulation stories, we get the activity that situations are advisedly created to acquaint some action. It is alone actual few admiral who accept been able to booty affair and activity calm in harmony. Lingusamy’s Run is one of those. But, the adept at this is none added than Mani Ratnam.

Looking aback at some of his best movies, be it Roja or Bombay (both set adjoin actual agitated backdrops), ambidextrous with actual austere issues like agitation and communalism respectively, there is consistently a actual able adulation news at the center, which, in fact, drives the cine forward.

So, while we ability accede admiral like Gautham and Mani Ratnam as specialists in activity and capacity of civic appliance respectively, the actuality charcoal that their ability lies in beautifully depicting the finest animal affect - love.


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