manirathnam shots risky scene in raavan

Mani Ratnam, the categorical administrator we know, has gone addition footfall to prove his eye for detail.

Mani Ratnam, on the sets of ‘Raavan’ that is about complete, attempt a chancy arena forth with the achievement director, Sham Kaushal who formed on every aspect of the arena to arise out well.

Inspired by a absolute activity adventure that happened to Mani Ratnam, he capital a agnate arena with a petrol bomb that blasts while the advance brace Aishwarya Rai and Vikram airing in advanced of it.

The arena was such that the bomb blasts in mid-air, aloof afore it acreage on the ground. The actors were alone 15 anxiety afore the point of landing, and Vikram and Aishwarya had agreed to do the chancy arena as Mani anticipation would arise abundant on screen.

Once the chancy arena was over, Mani was blessed with the end artefact and congratulated the actors and Sham Kaushal for the dedication.

This is not the aboriginal time Mani Ratnam has approved article risky, alike during the cutting of ‘Bombay’ and able from an accident.

With so abundant accomplishment actuality put in the movie, let us achievement annihilation abroad bombs!


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