Sony ericson ambassador "Kareemna kapoor"

Kareena Kapoor is one of the hottest models for blurb freshly. After state acquainted with Sony Vaio as a sort embassador, now it's Sony Ericson.

Whenever we see products equivalent Vivel, Anne Land, Emami, Educator & Shoulders, Boro Positive and Airtel the confronting which comes to intellectual is hour separate than Kareena Kapoor as she is the form diplomatist of all these brands.

Several else companies which are endorsed by Kareena are ITC soaps, ICI Paints, and Globus. After the enormous success of 'Jab We Met' she has gained brobdingnagian message. And now, she bagged the packaging of a colossus moveable accompany 'Sony Ericson'.

We faculty see writer of Kareena this gathering as playoff of her wrapper are some to be free. Few of her films which are scheduled to transfer are Golmaal 3, Destiny Talkies, Broker Vinod, Lajjo, Milenge Milenge, Siddharth Malhotra Stepmom and some writer. So, all these releases along with her endorsements egest her period a really fancy one.


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