Ajith kumudam interview

Here is an exclusive interview with Ajith

You have started the game of Mankatha. How is it going? Venkat Prabhu is a jolly guy. Are you able to put up with him?

I have also thought about this at the time the shooting commenced. But I was astonished when I saw the team’s hard work, dedication and the seriousness. I would say that Venkat Prabhu’s team work hard and play very hard. My get up, songs and making will all be much spoken about because of the screenplay about Mankatha.

Now you have created a lot of expectations because of Billa 2?

We have already seen about Billa. That film was a powerful action film which tells that how an ordinary youngster David transforms himself into Billa with heroism. This film Billa 2 will speak about the earlier life of Billa.

There is also news that you are going raise your voice by foraying into politics. When will you come into politics?

Really I cannot understand this mysterious political system. On one side our army is protecting us at the Indian border in spite of the freezing cold. There is so much unity. They don’t see that what caste, creed, language and State they belong to. But on the other side we say there are no castes and we do politics through this. Have anybody thought that why casteism and creed is instigated among the people at the time of elections. The instigation of money and ethnic problems is also one kind of terrorism. How to save this poor innocent people from these few cruel people? If at all, if someone comes forward to bring a transformation, they will not allow him to live. His life will not be there for a single day. Then why should army personnel give their lives and save us. I don’t understand anything. When in 2004 Tsunami we wholeheartedly helped the affected people without seeing their caste and creed. Why that feeling is not there now. People also feel at times about this and that is the reason the votes are being splitted. But the time will come when people will soon recognize this. Many may ask that who am I to all this. I am one among the common man and I have every right to say this.

Right from the time, India got its freedom, the political situation till now is the same? How do you think that the system can be changed?

Even if God himself comes down to India he cannot save the Indian society and politics. Without the cooperation of the people he cannot do anything. This is the bitter truth. It is wrong to say that if Mr. X comes to power or Mr. Y comes to power, India can be transformed into a capitalistic country. Because politicians are not magicians who can give what people ask? People will soon understand this. People will also turn disciplined and respect the responsibilities. When I say people, I am also one among them even though I am an actor. There will be a sudden transformation.

What is the guarantee that you will not enter politics?

Even though I am not interested in politics now but if the situation and conditions forcibly draws me into politics, I will not mix cinema and politics. The reason is when I was acting I participated in the car racing and hence I was not able to concentrate in both the things. I learnt this lesson through my own personal life. If at all that situation comes, I will join the political party which I like. Fans pertaining to various political parties are members of my fan clubs. I will not be a hindrance to them. Those of who want to come with me can accompany me. If at all if I am given an important post in the political party that I join, I will refuse it. I don’t want to be given any priority when people in that part would have toiled for 20 years. I will not hurt their feelings. At the same time, after completing the task given by the party, it can decide about my post or responsibility.

What is the reason for your frank talk? Is it your experience? What did you learn from it?

Don’t step into the house or place where you are not respected.

What is the message you want to convey to the common man that will give him everlasting joy?

I keep on telling this every time. Live and let live. When this mentality comes, there will be definitely a healthy society.


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