Ajith letter to his fans

I have been working constantly on my 50th film ‘Mankatha’. I have gone insomniac over the project as it means to me a lot. But at the same time I am disappointed to hear some bitter news about me. My fans and Narpani Iyakkam have been regulated under my control and not heeding to our requests, some of the people have themselves formed the own groups and have been demanding support from our Narpani Iyakkam.

I have never misused fans for the sake of my personal needs and I will never do it at any point of time in future. I have always wanted them to focus into their personal lives, family and profession.

I have also personally requested them not to add my name and pictures on the posters and banners meant for their family functions. I ask them to give respect to their family members and close relatives. I even don’t entertain those who directly come to the shooting spots and asks to click photographs with them. In fact, special orders have been implemented by my Narpani Iyakkam to restrict such activities.

I am not able to judge whether I am right or wrong and I leave the justice into the hands of public. I want to earn self respect from them.

With the changing era, we are sure everyone is maintaining a keen eye on everyone else. I always go humble for love and not by any orders. My fans know it very well.

I strongly object such activities of anyone in mere future. And if I come to know that still such mishaps are happening and the public is being disturbed, I am even ready to dismiss my fans club.

Live and Let Live!!!!


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