Actress Michelle Williams

Actress Michelle Williams has announced about how she dealt with the afterlife of her ex-boyfriend Heath Ledger.

The 29-year-old said she "didn't apperceive if I could accumulate it all together" afterwards the actor's afterlife aftermost January from an adventitious decree biologic overdose.

"I was captivation it calm by a cord and a cardboard blow in the abatement and winter," she told appearance annual Vogue.

The brace had a daughter, Matilda, who is now three.

They met on the set of their 2005 movie, Brokeback Mountain, but breach up four months afore Ledger's death.

Williams said she had been "seriously accident-prone" and "distracted" during the accomplished year. Often she would "cry, nap, sit and stare, try to amount out what to accomplish her [Matilda] for dinner, allocution to accompany on the phone".

But she begin ambush in gardening, which is aback things started to "turn round" for her, she said.

"I bethink actuality on my easily and knees. The arena was algid and muddy. I pushed aback the asleep leaves and saw the ablaze blooming shoots of spring.

"Under all this adulteration article was growing. Caring for the garden reminded me to affliction for myself"


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