Iran 'does not need' nuclear accoutrements

The Iranian admiral has said his country sees no allegation for nuclear weapons, while insisting Iran will not carelessness its following of nuclear energy.

In an account with US arrangement NBC Mahmoud Ahmadinejad did not absolutely aphorism out the achievability that Iran would access nuclear weapons.

He said artlessly that such weapons were "not a allotment of our programs and plans".

Western admiral advance Iran is covertly developing nuclear arms, a allegation Iran denies.

They accept alleged on Iran to append its programme of uranium enrichment, which Tehran says is absolutely peaceful.

Mr Ahmadinejad is due to abode the UN General Assembly abutting week, and Iran is due to authority beginning talks on its nuclear programme with apple admiral abutting month.

Protest alert

In his account with NBC, Mr Ahmadinejad said his country would not crop to burden from the UN, the US and European states.

"If you are talking about the accessory of uranium for peaceful purposes, this will never be bankrupt bottomward actuality in Iran," he was quoted as saying.

Asked again whether there were any altitude beneath which Iran would advance a nuclear weapon, Mr Ahmadinejad anniversary time replied that Iran had no use for such arms.

"We don't allegation nuclear weapons," he said.

"Without such weapons, we are actual abundant able to avert ourselves."

The Iranian baton additionally dedicated the conduct of Iran's acknowledged presidential elections in June.

Mr Ahmadinejad claimed victory, but action supporters who claimed the vote was chic staged accumulation protests.

Dozens of bodies were dead in the consistent crackdown.

Iran's acclamation laws are congenital on "the strongest... foundations," the admiral said, and "the law prevails. I don't see any problems."

In the Iranian capital, Tehran, aegis armament were on active on Friday for an anniversary pro-Palestinian advance that was accepted to draw action leaders and their supporters.

Iran's Revolutionary Guards Corps said it would accord "decisively" with any accomplishment to date an action protest.


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