Gangsing or Gasing

This bold is frequently played by boys. The gangsing is a top fabricated from bamboo with a baby aperture on the side. This baby aperture makes the top blare actual abnormally as it Gangsingspins.The ad-measurement of the aperture determines the angle of the whistle. Cord is anguish about the dowel that goes through the center most of the gangsing . The adolescent again holds assimilate the collapsed bamboo handle that is angry to the end of the cord and pulls this handle to set the gang sing spinning. Frequently a amphitheater is fatigued on the arena about 50 cm. in diameter. Two accouchement comedy adjoin anniversary other. The article of the bold is to try and beating your opponents gang sing out of the appointed circle. Gangsing are frequently awash alfresco the temples and day-tripper attractions in Yogyakarta, Central Java.

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  1. i am from indonesia, and we have many kind of gangsing.
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