Aid flows in to quake-hit Sumatra

International aid is starting to access in Sumatra afterward an address by the Indonesian government in the after-effects of Wednesday's able earthquake.

More than 1,000 bodies are accepted to accept died and up to 3,000 added are believed trapped below burst barrio in the burghal of Padang.

Widespread abolition has additionally been appear in surrounding areas.

Australia, Russia, the UK and the EU are amid those sending emergency supplies, medics and accomplishment teams.

Witnesses in Padang address a fetor of decomposing bodies blind over burst barrio as rescuers action to ability survivors.

Food shortages are actuality appear in areas area the convulsion has damaged roads, while bodies who absent their homes are said to be sleeping in the streets.

The BBC's Karishma Vaswani, in Padang, said that the Red Cross planned to authority a affair in the burghal on Saturday to according abatement efforts.

Its antecedence was to ensure afflicted survivors accustomed the medical absorption they needed, she adds.

Disaster zone

Despite a abridgement of abundant appropriation equipment, rescuers are still affairs survivors from the rubble.

Ratna Kurnia Sari, 19, was rescued abominably afflicted but animate from the bits of her academy in Padang 40 hours afterwards the convulsion struck.

"Her asleep accompany were below and aloft her," said Dr Dubel Mereyenes, who was alleviative her.

Another survivor trapped below a broke auberge in Padang beatific a argument bulletin to a about allurement for help, rescuers revealed.

"We anticipate there are eight bodies animate in there," Reuters account bureau quoted army administrator Arkamelvi Karmani as saying.

He said the argument bulletin implored rescuers: "Be accurate that the archaeologian doesn't account the architecture to collapse on us."

Those trapped are believed to be on what was the 6th attic and accomplishment teams are architecture a adit through the bits to ability them.

But the BBC's Alastair Leithead, who is in Padang, says that as the hours pass, the accomplishment operation is axis into the accretion of bodies.

Two Australian planes accustomed medical cadre and accomplishment experts accept accustomed in Padang, and dozens of British firefighters are due there backward on Saturday.

A Swiss sniffer-dog aggregation is already on the ground, and Russian, Estonian and Japanese cadre accept all been sent. Countries about the apple accept apprenticed abatement funds.

Indonesian President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono has additionally alleged for $10m (£6.2m) in government aid to be broadcast quickly.

"The... armamentarium has to breeze quickly, no added authority for this," he said. "This is an emergency, so acceleration is crucial."

The Red Cross in Geneva said aeriform photos appropriate the adversity area was added than ahead thought, addition beyond western Sumatra.

"The acknowledgment is that Padang burghal and bound are bad, but already you go into the surrounding rural areas, the bearings is actual grave," said agent Christine South.

"There was allocution of complete confusion of some villages - 100% confusion - and 50% in others."
Wednesday's 7.6 consequence convulse addled off the bank of Padang and acquired devastation. A additional convulse of 6.8 addled adjacent on Thursday causing agitation but no letters of accident or casualties.


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