Kelereng or Gundu

Kelereng, or marbles to the western world, is a admired with boys. There are abounding variations of amateur played with marbles.

One of the added accepted versions is that a baby amphitheater is fatigued on the ground. All the players put one of theirmarbles marbles aural the circle. Again anniversary of the players drops addition marble to a point alfresco of the fatigued circle. The amateur that owns the marble extreme abroad from the amphitheater is advantaged to comedy first.

He charge attack to use the marble that is alfresco of the amphitheater (striker) to hit the marbles aural the amphitheater and beating them alfresco of the ring. If he is acknowledged in doing, this he is advantaged to accumulate the marbles that he has agape out of the circle. The striker marble, however, charge additionally appear to blow alfresco of the fatigued circle. If it does not, this marble charge abide aural the amphitheater and the buyer again forfeits this marble.

If the amateur is acknowledged in animadversion one of his opponents' marbles out of the ring, he can abide his about-face and try to bang any added opponents. striker marbles. If he is acknowledged in hitting his opponents. striker marble, he is advantaged to booty that marble and his adversary can no best comedy the accepted round. If about he misses his opponents. striker marble, he looses his about-face and the abutting amateur can again alpha to play.


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