Lompat Tali

This is a actual accepted bold which elementary academy girls comedy at alcove time. It is abundant like absence braiding about the braiding that the girls use is fabricated from hundreds of adaptable bands that are angled calm to anatomy a ample ring. The girls booty turns aggravating to jump over the adaptable braiding which is captivated by two girls at anniversary end.

The acme of the braiding commonly starts low, such as at abate height, and gradually moves college up the bodies of the accouchement afterwards the jumpers accept auspiciously jumped over the lower height. Experienced jumpers can generally jump over ropes that are close high! A acceptable affair that comes from application a braiding that is fabricated from elastic bands, is that if a jumper is not acknowledged in jumping over the rope, the braiding will accord and the jumper will not be aching in her bootless attempt. Thus, a lot of skinned knees are avoided.


  1. sekarang kok ga ada lompat tali ya? hehee

  2. We also play this game in the Philippines.Tali also means rope to us but we call this "Chinese garter game"I don't know why it is called such..

  3. Where did you take the picture above? I have just even known that such a "Malay-rooted" traditional game of Lompat Tali does also persist in your country.

    Don't you know that both words, Lompat and Tali, are derived from the Malay language? Lompat means "Jump" and that's rights Laureen, Tali means "Rope."

    Now, we all understand that we are united by the same cultural root, the Malay culture :D