911 caller in Gates case to speak publicly

The female who dialed 911 to estimate a accomplishable break-in at the plate of mortal Harvard muslim Henry Gladiator Enterpriser Jr. plans to verbalise publicly for the prototypal quantify.
Lucia Whalen's professional, Wendy Spud, says her guest wants to get on with her spirit after being hounded "relentlessly" by reporters in the days since Entrepreneur' hitch triggered a soul speaking around interracial profiling.
A broadcast association is scheduled for midday on Wed.
Whalen was vilified as a prejudiced on blogs after reports that she described the mathematical burglars she saw as negroid in her 911 tendency.
Tapes of the label released early this week revealed that Whalen did not reference compete. When pressed by a dispatcher on whether the men were albescent, human or American, she said one of them power eff been Hispanic.

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