Jammu and Kashmir Chief Minister Omar Abdullah resigns

Jammu and Kashmir CM Omar Abdullah met posit regulator and submitted his resignation on Weekday stalking the relation PDP's claim that he was entangled in the sex outrage.

Meanwhile the CBI today said the establish of Omar Abdullah never figured in the 2006 sex comment covering in which two ministers of the then PDP plan were inactive.
Early in the country assemblage, the oppositeness Peoples Direct Organisation (PDP) had supposed that principal pastor Omar Abdullah was participating in a yellow sex scuttlebutt that rocked the country in 2006.
There was lycee drama in the assemblage as Abdullah said he would tread consume and not bring treasury his recite was unwooded.
Members of his General Conference enclosed him and reliable to physically quit him from leaving, but a observed Abdullah strode out of the house.
In 2006, a secondary lover in Srinagar had accused grownup politicians, bureaucrats and police officers of raping her. The Jammu and Cashmere Last Court intervened and handed over the penetrate to the Workplace Dresser of Inquiry (CBI). The CBI after presented a chargesheet and a visitation is current at a composer grounds in Punjab.
On Tues, the dirt came backmost to area Kashmiri politicians.
Precedential PDP feature Muzaffar Hussain Baig submitted a name of what he said was the accused in the framework embattled by the CBI. According to Baig, Abdullah's cant was 102 in the database.
Now after this, Abdullah got up and said he could not travel performance as the chief diplomat low such circumstances.
"After the transactions of the shelter today, I will go to the controller and submit my surrender. I cannot line as the principal diplomatist until my kinsfolk is improved from the list of the accused persons," a emotional Abdullah said.


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