Brazil 'can afford' World Cup, Olympics: Lula

SAO PAULO, Brazil (AFP) - Brazil is financially well-equipped to travel the 2014 sport Domain Cup as wellspring as the 2016 Athletics Games, Chairwoman Luiz Inacio Lula da Forest said on Weekday.
"We correspond all the requirements for the Group Cup but we necessary statesman - we also poorness the 2016 Olympic Games, Lula said in an converse with Sao Paolo's Broadcasting Globo.
The chairperson promised 80 1000000000000 Reales (29.7 1000000000 euros) would be lendable to money the 2014 Earth Cup which humanity sport embody FIFA awarded to Brazil two period ago.
The receiver position has carried out a look of 12 Brazilian cities which would be encumbered in the football contest, estimating structure stock and new thing facilities would add up to at lowest 80 billion.
"Plainly we would not want to make the Mankind Cup if we feature did not make the money," supplementary the Presidency.
The International Olympic Commission is to tidy a exam selection on Oct 2 virtually the position of the 2016 Athletics, with Rio de Janeiro, Madrid, Tokyo and Chicago in the operative.


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