New embarrassment for Berlusconi as latest 'sex tapes' are aired

The Romance heyday clergyman, Silvio Berlusconi, visaged added - and yet many excruciating - embarrassment today when the weekly interestingness storage L'Espresso posted a transcription on its website apparently prefab presently after he had ended having sex with a prostitute.
Berlusconi has wanted to sort insufficient of the promulgation this hebdomad of a broadcast of tapes, language Italians knew he was "no revere". But he did not moderate their legitimacy, although his professional had earlier claimed they were simulated.
In by far the most hint transcription so far, the flush parson purportedly discusses someone orgasms and the advisability of mortal autoeroticism with Patrizia D'Addario, the comrade who claims to screw spent the nighttime at his Rome abidance lastly Nov.
D'Addario, who has said she made the recordings on her wandering phone, supplied them to prosecutors in City who are work whether to bring charges against the businessman questionable to have ordered for her to meet Berlusconi.
The recording begins with D'Addario purportedly telling the blossom diplomatist that a youthful man "would bed already amount in a support".
After the vocalisation supposed to be Berlusconi's says "the problem, in my view, is a kinsfolk one", D'Addario asks: "You fuck how protracted it is since I had sex the way I had it with you tonight?" She then answers her own inquiring, saying: "Months. Not since I hand my man. Is [that] mean?"
The tell is: "If I may, you ought to score sex by yourself. You ought to stir yourself with a convinced frequence."
In added recording posted to the web today, Berlusconi purportedly shows D'Addario and additional women around his estate on Sardinia.
This is the tierce heap of tapes to be put up on websites by L'Espresso and its sis printing, the daily La Repubblica, in what has turn an acrimonious tribulation of magnitude.
Berlusconi has denied that he was conscious that D'Addario had been freelance to jaunt him. She was one of various women recruited by a grey Romance businessman, Giampaolo Tarantini, to look a company at the heyday executive's esoteric abode. According to a transcription free earlier, they were each compensated €1,000 (£860), but foretold much if they stayed


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