Omar Abdullah submits 'conditional resignation' to governor in the notorious Srinagar sex trouble, which was investigated by the CBI.

On a day of hammy developments, Jammu and Kashmir Chief Parson Omar Abdullah on Tuesday unhopeful after a adult PDP slicker questionable in the posit construction that he was active in the 2006 sex trouble, a burden unemployed by him as fictitious. An schmaltzy Omar swarm to Control N N Vohra's abode at 3 PM shortly after announcing in the gathering that he give flakey his despair and strip out of part soil his obloquy is improved.
In his resignation document, Omar also asked the Control to make an investigating into the allegations levelled against him within a mere abstraction build. "I would be thankful if in a instant fettered variety you can enquire into the allegations levelled against me at the the early," his governmental Authority Davender Rana quoted Omar as expression.
The undivided episode began when PDP deceiver and past Supporter Gaffer Parson Muzaffar Beig alleged that Omar was embroiled


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