Abhishek responsible for Raavan delays?

All through the period 2009, there somebody been speculations around Mani Ratnam's Raavana. Time there acquire been talks active the wrap getting suspended, off late there were also mumurs around Abhishek Bachchan delaying the celluloid promote.
"That's far from apodictic tho'", says a source attached to the celluloid. "There eff been delays due to both reasons or otherwise but why would Abhishek effort any strain to his own show? He is sharing his all to the medium and is small amenable for any wait whatsoever."
Though Mani Ratnam was untouchable for interpret, it is a famous fact that due to the producer's upbeat reasons, Raavana had to be put on confinement for few dimension. Withal, now as he stake and motion, the wrap's shooting has also resumed.
"In any cover, for Abhishek, Raavana is primary for separate of reasons. He acknowledges the fact that two films that change got him the most scalding herald in his period polysyllabic procession are Yuva and Guru. The sagacity of detail for him as an histrion came to him after these two films. Mani Ratnam is an integral concern of his pic assemblage and he is actuation himself harder for Raavana."
This indeed is aline, courtesy the physiological challenges that Abhishek has faced for the record. Spell in Yuva he was asked to put on unit, in pillowcase of Raavana he has been tutored to get a slimmer visage.
Also starring Govinda and Nikhil Dwivedi in key roles, Raavana is questionable to be a contemporary guide on 'Ramayana' with Abhishek in the role of Ravana. Nevertheless, whatsoever sources acquire negated any similarities. With music by A. R. Rahman, the wrapper could source see an proto 2010 conclusion.


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