Bhavana special interview

Bhavana who fabricated her admission as charlatan in the blur Chittram Pesudhadi is now bond with Ajith in Asal. She was afresh speaking to the media.

Are you donning the sister’s role in Asal?

There is no accuracy in the news. I am additionally one of the charlatan in Asal. Since I like the role, I agreed to act in this film. I was not agitated about who was acting with me. There are two song sequences with Ajith.

Will you act in allure roles in Telugu films only?

There are no such restrictions. I did not get acceptable films in Tamil to do allure roles. I am not afraid to act in allure roles. I accept done allure roles in Malayalam films like Twenty Twenty and Robin Hood. I like to do airedale roles.

Do rumors affect you?

I see these rumors like a ache which spreads in anniversary season. It will appear and go. Because of this I am not affected. I don’t accord any accent to this. I anticipate that if our relationships are healthy, there wouldn’t be rumors.

Your admired music and dress?

I am addicted of classical, western and Hindustani music. I additionally adulation the melody songs of the films. Whenever I go for alfresco cutting I backpack a lot of music albums with me. I will be bustling my favourite songs in the cutting spots. My admired dress is jeans, salwar and sarees.


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