Free uploading service

Missupload is a website that host you to share music, photos and videos. They are providing you 5000mb storage to the customers and the site giving you a nice opportunity for the reformable cash. If you are reaching a target of 1000 unique they rewards you 10 dollars through your pay pal account. The sites are offering you three plans for our customers to satisfy their needs they are,

Free plan,
Registered plan,
Premium plan.

In free plan we can upload, share and download files up to 25mb for our desktop.
Another two plans registered and premium plans come under the paid plans in this registered plan we can upload, share and download files up to 300mb for our desktop and in premium plan we can upload, share and download files up to 5000mb for our desktop without any advertisements.

Through this premium plan the site will give a secret password to you for your transactions. You can also specify your friends, family or your coworkers. For your upload process they are offering you two choices, URL upload and File upload. The sites had reached worldwide so that for the client’s request they offers the service in some other languages not only in English such as French, German and Indonesian.

They also provide you an online remote/ storage backup power that will helpful for you to share your files with your friends and neighbors. You can make your files secret are to be displayed as for your needs.

Using this missupload service you can make your audios, videos, images, files and flash every at one same place. If you wish to upload a picture or video or some other files in a large attachment in some other website you will face some problems like large content cannot be sent, or hanging your system and you cant upload your files. But in missupload site you can upload your files in larger attachment without any problem. It is so secure and makes you perfect storage capacity for your desktop.

By sharing your files in this site you will get a new experience and enjoy yourself by earnings. For each unique download you will get 0.01 dollar and after reaching 10 dollars they will transfer your amount through your pay pal account as much as faster.

By using this misupload site you can get more advantages as we are enjoy to download the music, photos and videos as well as earning the money. So, please don’t miss the opportunity get ready to visit this missupload site.


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