Call it a family song - "Goa"

The aggregation of ‘Goa’ is already pepped up with its abundant audio barrage plans. Accepting the barrage action in a brace of weeks, we accept got an absorbing bit about Goa’s audio.

As we all know, ‘Goa’ is about a ancestors activity with Venkat Prabhu administering the film, accepting his bro Premji as one amid the heroes and got Yuvan accomplishing music for the film. They accept fabricated this alike bigger by accomplishing a song by bringing in about the absolute ancestors - Call it a ancestors song…

A song that goes like, “Ezhu Thalaimuraikkum” was crooned by 5 singers for Yuvan’s active music. The song was bound by Venkat Prabhu’s dad cum Yuvan’s uncle, Gangai Amaran. Guess who are the bristles singers of this song? Bhavadharani, Karthik Raja,Venkat Prabhu, Premji and Yuvan.

Venkat Prabhu jokingly said that this song can be afterlife acclimated as their ancestors song that tells a lot about their built-in abode and more…

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  1. nice post.. you have great knowledges about musics. thanks 4 sharing :)